Biocompatibility Testing at the Dentist

Biocompatibility Testing at the Dentist

At Elevate Dental Wellness, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all dentistry.  Every patient is unique and different, and that is how you’re treated.  We practice natural dentistry, integrating your dental care into total body care, to help you achieve your highest state of health.

With natural dentistry, one of our jobs is to keep you free of inflammation and your immune system happy.  When we restore a tooth by applying a filling, crown, or bridge, we prefer to use a material that is compatible with your immune system.  With serum compatibility testing, we are provided information which tells us whether the filling or crown material is compatible and will be accepted by your immune system, or whether it will cause inflammation and irritation for the life of the filling or crown.  There is no need for your body to work overtime rejecting a dental material, when we can simply choose a material that is compatible with your body in the first place.

Restorative dental materials fit into one of three categories:  metal, composite, or ceramic.  Within these categories is a myriad of combinations of gold, silver, copper, mercury, platinum, plastics, resin, glass, quartz, sand, porcelain, and many other materials.  Most people don’t stop to question what materials are going into their mouths – materials that could be there for decades.

With several thousand dental restoration materials available on the market today, it’s easy to select a dental material that is compatible with your unique immune system. It’s similar to someone who is allergic to peanuts or shellfish – once they find out what they are allergic to, they avoid those foods at all costs!  We take an extra step at Elevate Dental Wellness by offering biocompatibility testing ahead of performing dental work to ensure that our patients have a safe dental experience.  With these test results, we can avoid a highly reactive dental material the same way someone with a food allergy avoids a peanut butter cookie or a shrimp taco.

You may be thinking, “What is biocompatibility testing?”  It’s a scientific test conducted in a lab.  We work with Clifford Consulting and Research and utilize their Clifford Dental Materials Reactivity Test to conduct serum compatibility testing to determine what materials react with your personal serum proteins.  With proper testing, we can avoid putting a material in your mouth that could become an ongoing irritant to your immune system.  Once we know which materials your body will accept or reject, we can plan accordingly.

To conduct serum compatibility testing, a sample of your blood is drawn by your physician or local blood draw laboratory and spun in a centrifuge in order to separate the blood cells from the blood serum. The cells are discarded and the serum, which contains all of the free-floating antibodies and other blood proteins, is collected for testing.  A small sample of the serum is then mixed with the individual chemical components that may be found in dental materials.  The lab determines which materials are considered “suited” or “not well suited” with your personal blood proteins.  We will only use the “suited” materials as determined by your individual test.

Your total health and satisfaction with your dental experience is important to us.  If you’d like to learn more about natural dentistry and biocompatibility testing at Elevate Dental Wellness, get in touch with Drs. Steinbach and Van Gorden at 970-279-5647, or visit us online at!

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