Ozone Therapy in Basalt, CO

A Non-Invasive Approach To Care

Keeping a healthy smile can be a great source of confidence but when issues come up, our goal is to resolve them in a way that is effective and comfortable. At our practice, ozone therapy is a part of our holistic, total-body-health approach to dental care. Dr. Van Gorden and Dr. Steinbach are proud to offer ozone therapy to Colorado patients in Aspen, Wingo, Snowmass, El Jebel, and the surrounding areas seeking oral bacteria removal and treatment. 

Ozone is a hyper-charged form of medical-grade oxygen with a variety of healing properties. Ozone therapy is a scientifically backed approach to dentistry that utilizes ozone gas to safely eliminate microorganisms responsible for tooth decay and infections. It has produced many meaningful health benefits over the last several decades.

Learn how we utilize ozone therapy treatment and the benefits behind this incredible integrative dental treatment.


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Ozone in Dentistry

Ozone can be used as a gas, mixed with water, oils, and plant extracts to create an assortment of therapies. Dr. Steinbach and Dr. Van Gorden can use this in a variety of ways depending on each patient’s individual needs and dental treatment. 

The treatment focuses on treating oral infections, reversing decay, reducing mouth pain, and accelerating the healing process. Ozone is a versatile substance, allowing our office to use it for everything from preventing cavities to disinfecting water lines.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone dental therapy has become a natural and effective way to decrease infection and inflammation. There are multiple benefits to using ozone, including: 

  • No discomfort
  • Minimally invasive
  • Helps avoid restoration work if caught early
  • Can help with tooth sensitivity
  • Heals and strengthens teeth
  • Treats gum disease

Why Choose Ozone Therapy?

There are all kinds of reasons to choose ozone therapy in dentistry. At Elevate Dental Wellness, we generally use ozone therapy to:

Kill bacteria
Slow the progression of gum disease
Reduce tooth sensitivity
Help prevent cavities
Decrease ulcer pain
Disinfect our water lines

Kill bacteria

Ozone can be used to eliminate bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi in the mouth due to the gas disrupting their activation and stopping them from spreading.

Slow the progression of gum disease

Gum disease can wreak havoc on your oral health. Using ozone, we can target the infected pockets of your gums and reduce the severity of the infection.

Reduce tooth sensitivity

Sensitive teeth can make dental treatments unbearable. Thankfully, ozone treatment can be used to reduce sensitivity, helping patients get the dental care they need to maintain a healthy smile.

Help prevent cavities

As a result of its bacteria-killing properties, ozone protects your teeth from decay and helps you avoid cavities by making the oral environment less friendly to the bacteria that cause decay.

Decrease ulcer pain

If you’ve ever had ulcers or a canker sore, you understand how painful they can be. Our ozone treatment is one of the least invasive treatment options available that’s used to reduce ulcer pain and help cure canker sores.

Disinfect our water lines

We use ozone to disinfect all of the water lines and smooth surfaces at Elevate Dental Wellness. Ozone kills bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi immediately upon contact, ensuring that our office remains a clean and safe environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does ozone treatment take?
Is ozone therapy safe?
What are the side effects of ozone therapy?

How long does ozone treatment take?

Ozone therapy will not add time to your typical dental treatment. Ozone is administered throughout the procedure you’re already receiving at your appointment. Additionally, some of our patients benefit from the use of ozonated water. In this instance, ozone water will be generated in the office and sent home with the patient.

Is ozone therapy safe?

Yes, ozone therapy in dentistry is completely safe. It has been used and studied in medicine extensively for over a century. Research has consistently shown that it’s safe and effective, and side effects are both minimal and often preventable. As long as your ozone treatment is performed by an experienced dentist, there’s no reason to worry. 

Before starting treatment, it’s important to communicate with our Basalt dentists about the use of ozone in dentistry. Ozone therapy is always safely administered, but patients should be informed of any potential risks. Dr. Steinbach and Dr. Van Gorden always use the correct dosage and concentrations of ozone and proper techniques to provide safe and effective treatment.

What are the side effects of ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy side effects are quite rare ???? much more scarce than side effects from antibiotics, in fact. However, patients that are particularly sensitive have reported minimal symptoms such as nausea or mild headaches. 

The positive results should far outweigh any potential side effects. If you start to notice any type of discomfort, our Basalt dentists will determine the cause and adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

Discover Ozone Therapy in the Roaring Fork Valley

Dr. Steinbach and Dr. Van Gorden have incorporated ozone therapy into their holistic practice in a variety of ways. Ozone therapy is a special technique they acquired in order to deliver non-invasive, painless dental care while maintaining a clean and pristine working environment. 

Our Colorado patients in Aspen, Wingo, Snowmass, El Jebel, and the surrounding areas have grown to love this unique method of treatment. Call Elevate Dental Wellness at (970) 279-5647 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to schedule your appointment at our convenient Basalt office and discover how ozone therapy can benefit you.

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