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Teeth are pretty durable, but chips or cracks can happen to any of us — especially if you struggle with poor dental hygiene or suffer from teeth grinding (bruxism). Imagine getting ready for a busy day and you chip your tooth while drinking a glass of water. Or cracking a tooth while eating your favorite candy bar you’ve been looking forward to all day. Not only will you feel a little embarrassed, but also it’s probably the last thing you want to deal with. That’s where the experts at Elevate Dental Wellness come in. 

Chipping or cracking a tooth can be scary, embarrassing, and downright inconvenient. If you’re in Snowmass, Aspen, Basalt, or surrounding areas, our cosmetic dentists can help restore your self-confidence and teeth with dental bonding in just one easy visit to our Basalt office!


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What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding, or cosmetic bonding, is a cosmetic dental procedure used to repair a tooth that has been damaged using a composite resin material. Within one visit, we can use this special material to restore healthy teeth with no recovery period. That way, you can leave our office with a restored smile and go on about your day. 

Benefits of Dental Bonding
Benefits of Dental Bonding
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Doesn’t require anesthesia
  • No recovery time
  • Customized to your natural tooth color
  • Blend with your natural tooth color
  • The procedure can be completed within an hour

Dental Bonding Process

When you visit our Basalt office, you’ll meet with one of our expert dentists Dr. Steinbach or Dr. Van Gorden, who’ll assess the extent of your tooth damage. Typically, no anesthesia is needed with the procedure, but if you have particularly sensitive teeth or if the damage is close to a nerve, we may use a local anesthetic to ensure a pain-free experience. 

We’ll also give you a thorough examination to ensure there aren’t any underlying issues and ensure your mouth is free of any tooth-decay-causing bacteria. If the damage is too extensive for dental bonding, we may recommend a different restorative procedure or cosmetic dentistry treatment to get your smile back on track. 

If you decide that dental bonding is the best solution, we’ll first ensure that the composite resin material is color-matched to your natural tooth so that it blends flawlessly with your smile. Next, we’ll thoroughly clean and dry the area while making the tooth surface a little rough so that the material will adhere to it. A specialized bonding liquid is then applied to your tooth’s surface to secure the composite resin material.

Afterward, your dentist will use ultraviolet light to harden the material quickly and do any shaving or shaping necessary to ensure your bite is just right. Once finished, you’ll be able to leave our office with a fully restored smile and a new sense of confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any risks associated with dental bonding?
How long does dental bonding last?
Are there any risks associated with dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a virtually painless process with no known risks. As long as one of our experienced dentists is conducting your procedure, you can feel safe knowing that you’re receiving the best dental care possible. Following treatment, you can go about your day as usual without any dietary restrictions.

How long does dental bonding last?

Depending on the location of your dental bond, your eating habits, and your bite, your bonding can last anywhere from 4 to 8 years. Dental bonding is durable but not as durable as your natural enamel, so avoiding eating hard, sticky, or chewy foods in excess can help prolong the longevity of your dental bond. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily can also help to ensure that your dental bond will last.

Elevate Your Smile Today

If you’re looking for a quick, convenient, and painless solution for minor tooth injuries such as chips and cracks, Elevate Dental Wellness has the answer. Dental bonding can restore your teeth in just one visit so you won’t have to agonize over a prolonged damaged smile. 

Learn more about dental bonding at your consultation with one of our expert dentists at Elevate Dental Wellness. We proudly serve patients from the Aspen, Wingo, Snowmass, El Jebel, and surrounding areas. You can contact us by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page or calling (970) 279-5647 to schedule your appointment at our Basalt office today!

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