Dr. Schuyler Van Gorden and Dr. Rebecca Steinbach

Elevate Dental Wellness

Biological Dentistry: Holistic Care in Aspen and Basalt, CO

Elevate Dental Wellness is the only biological dental practice serving Basalt, Aspen, and the entire Roaring Fork Valley that concentrates on a holistic approach. It is our mission to provide high quality, personable oral health care while focusing on the comprehensive health and wellness of our patients.

Whether you’re a new or recurring patient, Dr. Schuyler Van Gorden and Dr. Rebecca Steinbach are excited to provide the highest quality dental care that supports your entire well-being. The core of our purpose is the prevention of disease and comprehensive dental treatments.

Our Holistic Approach Towards Dentistry

With over 30 years of combined experience, Drs. Van Gorden and Steinbach have dedicated their lives to the practice of quality, biological dentistry. The philosophy behind biological dentistry centers around the idea that care shouldn’t just support your oral health, but your holistic well-being

At Elevate Dental Wellness, we’ve built a practice intended to improve our patient’s oral health while also benefiting their physical and psychological health.

As a mercury-free practice that offers biocompatible materials, your health is protected through our safe techniques and technologies. Some of our cutting edge, effective practices include 3D imaging, laser dentistry, natural remedies, supplementation, biocompatibility testing, and ozone therapy.

From the start of their practice, Drs. Van Gorden and Steinbach have researched biological dentistry to ensure their patients receive the best possible care. Your Basalt dentists continue to focus their research on:

  • Maintaining oral health to benefit complete body health
  • Protecting patients by safely removing mercury 
  • Offering biocompatible dental materials

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

We care about your entire wellness, which is why our practice concentrates on helping our patients achieve optimal health for their smile and body. We want to ensure our patients receive all the benefits of a beautiful new smile without harming their teeth or well-being. 

At Elevate Dental Wellness, our holistic approach promotes exceptional health, personalized treatment plans, and safe healing methods.


Universal Care for Aspen and Basalt Patients

No matter what services you may need, Elevate Dental Wellness can help support and enhance your oral health. We offer services for biological, preventative, restorative, surgical, cosmetic, and sleep and sedation dentistry.

To learn more about our comprehensive dental care, please see our services overview.

Safe & Long-Lasting Dental Implants

Whether you’re missing one or more teeth, a full arch, or you’re interested in a snap-in denture, Drs. Van Gorden and Steinbach are eager to help. Our practice provides dental implants to help our patients achieve a seamless smile and reach their desired oral health. 

We offer different implant options, including:

  • Single or multi-tooth replacement
  • Full-arch tooth replacement
  • Snap-in implant-supported dentures

Our safe and effective procedure can restore health, boost confidence, and protect your facial structure. Find out if you’re a candidate for dental implants and schedule a consultation with Dr. Van Gorden or Dr. Steinbach. Restore your smile today.

Fast & Effective Results with the Fotona Dental Laser

Elevate Dental Wellness has adopted state-of-the-art technology as an exceptional tool to help meet your needs. Fotona’s LightWalker dental laser is the world’s fastest-cutting laser, providing quick and accurate results for a variety of dental procedures.

Some of the advantages offered by the Fotona laser include:

  • All tissue laser -- works for hard and soft-tissue treatments
  • Disinfects as it works, limiting the risk of infection
  • Reduces your recovery time
  • Fillings without anesthetic -- no needle
  • Snoring reduction with NightLase
  • Esthetic treatment for facial rejuvenation

The Fotona laser works on all types of tissue and provides high-quality results for several dental procedures. Learn more about the procedures offered by the Fotona laser, and give us a call if you have any additional questions.


Our Philosophy

We want to help you achieve outstanding health by recognizing the impact of your past, current, and future dental treatments on your wellness. We use a combination of traditional and emerging therapies to ensure you enjoy all of the benefits of your dental treatment.

Each patient is unique, and Elevate Dental Wellness is committed to providing you treatment that goes beyond oral health. Together, we will create a comprehensive plan that addresses your dental needs in a cost-efficient and toxic-free manner.

Drs. Van Gorden and Steinbach prioritize your comfort and building trust in the entire team at Elevate Dental Wellness. To learn more, call our Basalt office at (970) 279-5647 or fill out our simple contact form.

We look forward to working with you, your entire family, and helping you reach complete mental and physical wellness.