Comprehensive Dental Care for Aspen and Basalt

No matter what services you need to supplement and support your oral health, Elevate Dental Wellness can guide you on the journey to the smile you want. We offer comprehensive services for biological, preventative, restorative, surgical, cosmetic and sleep and sedation dentistry.

Biological Dentistry

At Elevate Dental Wellness, we provide ourselves in providing care that doesn’t just support your oral health, but your holistic well-being. To do this, we offer many cutting edge, effective techniques, including natural remedies, supplementation, biocompatibility testing and safe mercury removal.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We believe that your oral health and happiness goes beyond what is functionally necessary and includes having a smile that you’re proud of. To help our patients reach this end, we offer teeth whitening, smile design, Invisalign orthodontics, cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneers.

Preventative Dentistry

The key to a healthy mouth isn’t just addressing problems as they arise, but actively working to prevent them. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff can set you up for success, whether it’s with regular dental cleanings, sealants, TMJ therapy or other services.

Restorative Dentistry

At Elevate Dental Wellness we believe in restorative methods than can withstand the daily demands of your teeth while giving you the beauty and function you desire. From metal/mercury free fillings to crowns and bridges to dental implants, we have you covered.

Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

Whether you need help obtaining deep, restorative sleep through the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, or if your fear and anxiety is preventing you from receiving the dental care you need, Elevate Dental Wellness has solutions for you.

Surgical Dentistry

Surgical dentistry lets you address a variety of issues, including L-PRF therapy, dental implants, and treatment for gum recession. Additionally, Dr. Rebecca Steinbach is a certified Pinhole Surgical Technique practitioner.