External Dental Payment Plan

Third-Party Dental Financing

At Elevate Dental Wellness, we understand that dental insurance might not always cover all the services you need, or you might prefer more manageable payment plans. To accommodate these situations, we offer financing through CareCredit®, allowing you to spread the cost of your treatment into smaller, more affordable payments. This approach ensures you can access the dental care you need without financial strain.

CareCredit® Dental Financing

CareCredit® is a healthcare credit card designed specifically for your health and wellness needs. It’s a way to pay for the costs of many treatments and procedures and allows you to make convenient monthly payments. CareCredit® extends special financing options that you may not be able to get with other cards. With various short-term and long-term plans, CareCredit® helps you manage your medical expenses without delay and keeps you prepared for the unexpected. Whether it’s a routine checkup or a major surgery, CareCredit® offers a practical way to finance healthcare procedures that are not covered by insurance.

You must apply to qualify for CareCredit® financing. Please visit the link below to learn more about the application process and CareCredit® services.

Logo of CareCredit, featuring a stylized green leaf forming the letter 'C' alongside the name, indicating health financing options

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