Safe Mercury Removal

Our office is SMART-certified. We use safe mercury removal techniques to replace old fillings.

Safe Mercury Removal in Basalt, CO

According to the USDA, traditional silver fillings contain over 50 percent mercury. Mercury is toxic and can cause various health issues when inhaled or absorbed. Elevate Dental Wellness prioritizes your health and utilizes the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) to remove mercury fillings safely. This advanced protocol minimizes mercury exposure to patients and staff. Trust our experienced team to remove mercury fillings precisely and enhance your overall wellness.

Elevate Dental Wellness dental treatment room.
  • Is it safe to have mercury fillings removed?

    Yes, when performed by a SMART-certified dentist, it is safe. This protocol ensures minimal exposure to mercury vapors during removal, protecting patients and dental professionals.

  • How do dentists remove old fillings?

    They use the SMART protocol, which includes specific techniques such as isolating the tooth with a rubber dam, employing high-volume suction, and providing supplemental air for the patient to breathe. These steps help reduce mercury exposure during the removal of old fillings.

  • How long does mercury toxicity last after amalgam removal?

    The duration of any residual mercury toxicity varies depending on individual health factors and the effectiveness of the removal process. If the SMART protocol is followed, the risk of prolonged mercury exposure is minimized. Your healthcare provider may recommend detoxification processes to reduce mercury levels in your body further.

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