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Experience a natural approach to dental care with our ozone dental treatments at Elevate Dental Wellness.

Holistic Healing in Basalt, CO

Elevate Dental Wellness prioritizes your health with holistic solutions like ozone dental treatments. This innovative therapy uses ozone gas to eliminate bacteria, fungi, and viruses, promoting optimal oral health. Ozone therapy is minimally invasive and supports natural healing, making it a perfect choice for those seeking biocompatible dental care. Discover the benefits of ozone dental treatments and how they can naturally enhance oral health.

Elevate Dental Wellness dental treatment room.
  • What is ozone therapy?

    Ozone gas disinfects and promotes healing in the oral cavity. The gas interacts with oral pathogens and destroys their cell walls. This process eliminates harmful microbes and stimulates healing, supporting tissue regeneration and reducing inflammation. This natural, non-toxic gas helps eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi, supporting a healthier mouth and reducing the need for conventional chemical treatments.

  • Is ozone dental treatment safe?

    Yes, ozone dental treatment is safe when administered by trained professionals. It is a non-invasive and biocompatible therapy used for years in various medical fields, including dentistry, to promote healing and improve overall health.

  • Can ozone therapy be used for all dental issues?

    Ozone therapy can treat dental problems like cavities, gum disease, root canal infections, and more. However, it is best to consult with our holistic dentists to determine if ozone therapy is the right solution for your dental needs.

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