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A Fast Solution To Tooth Loss

Living with missing teeth doesn’t only impact the look and feel of your smile, but it can also jeopardize your health. When you have larger gaps in your teeth, it makes it easier for plaque-causing bacteria to accumulate in your mouth which puts you at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease. 

These gaps can also affect the alignment of your surrounding teeth if left untreated, so it’s imperative that you find a solution for missing teeth as soon as possible. If you’ve had a tooth extracted or sustained damage to your smile, Dr. Steinbach may recommend a dental bridge restoration to fill the gaps in your smile. 

At Elevate Dental Wellness, we recommend personalized dental bridges to give your smile a flawless appearance as they can be placed in just two appointments. This means you’ll be up and smiling again in no time at all.


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How Dental Bridges Work

A dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth replacement that’s designed to “bridge the gaps” in your smile caused by missing teeth. Dental bridges are comprised of two connected parts. The pontic serves as the replacement for your natural tooth. The dental crowns are secured to your adjacent natural teeth on both sides of the gap in order to keep the pontic in place. Dental bridges can be used to replace up to four consecutive missing teeth

Many patients choose this restoration option for the following reasons. 

  • Restore your smile. Dental bridges not only restore the appearance of your smile but also allow you to speak and eat normally once again. 
dental bridge
  • Long-lasting. Unlike dentures, dental bridges don’t need to be removed. They’re secured in your smile via crowns and with proper maintenance, they can last you a lifetime. 
  • Protect your smile. Since dental bridges fill the gap between your teeth, they can prevent your other teeth from shifting out of place. They can also provide an extra layer of protection from plaque build-up. 
  • Quick placing process. Dental bridges can be placed in as little as two appointments with little recovery time. 
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Placing Your Dental Bridge

Before placing a dental bridge, Dr. Steinbach will conduct a thorough examination to ensure a dental bridge is the best treatment for your unique situation. If there are any underlying oral health issues, we’ll create a treatment plan to address those first. If not, we’ll move forward to ensure your mouth and the missing teeth sites are clean and free of any bacteria. 

We’ll prepare your natural adjacent teeth so they can receive your dental bridge.

To provide a comfortable experience, Dr. Steinbach will administer a local anesthetic before shaping your natural tooth. We’ll then take a detailed impression of your teeth, allowing us to create a customized dental bridge perfect for your smile. We’ll provide you with a temporary bridge while we wait for your permanent bridge to be made. This will not only allow you to leave our office with a smile but also provides extra protection until your permanent restoration is complete. 

Once your dental bridge is ready, you’ll come back for a  second appointment. We’ll thoroughly clean your teeth once again before placing your permanent dental bridge. Dr. Steinbach will ensure it’s firmly attached using a dental-grade adhesive. Once it hardens and we’ve ensured a comfortable fit, you’re ready to leave with a fully restored smile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a dental bridge and a dental implant?
How do I take care of my dental bridge?
Can dental bridges be whitened?
What’s the difference between a dental bridge and a dental implant?

Dental bridges are a tooth replacement option that can restore up to four consecutive teeth. They’re attached to your surrounding natural teeth to keep them in place. They can last upwards of 15 years with proper care and don’t have to be removed. 

Dental implants are a permanent replacement for any number of missing teeth but the placement process can take a few months. They’re made of three separate parts: the titanium post which is placed directly into the jaw bone, the porcelain crown which is the prosthetic tooth, and the abutment which connects the two pieces. Dental implants are the only dental restoration that also stimulates jaw bone regrowth which can protect your face structure and integrity. Dental implants can last a lifetime but the crown may need to be replaced after 15 years or so depending on the patient’s oral hygiene habits.

How do I take care of my dental bridge?

Proper oral hygiene is key for preserving the longevity of your dental bridge. The main risk to your dental restoration is the accumulation of plaque but luckily, it’s simple and easy to keep your mouth clean all year long. 

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day. This can keep your mouth free of debris after meals. Accumulated food particles or excess sugar can lead to plaque formation. 
  • Floss before bed. Flossing helps get any food that’s fallen between the spaces of your teeth. We recommend flossing at night before bed so nothing is left sitting in your mouth overnight. 
  • Rinse between meals. This can be an easy way to keep your mouth clean throughout the day. A quick rinse can wash debris away and protect your teeth from bacteria. 
  • Bi-annual dental appointments. At Elevate Dental Wellness, we’re here to support your healthy habits. Even with proper at-home care, there are certain spots in your mouth you just can’t reach. That’s where we come in—to make sure there’s no plaque running amok behind the scenes. 

With a combination of at-home and in-office care, you can keep your mouth free from plaque all year long which not only protects your natural teeth but also prolongs your restoration in the process. 

Can dental bridges be whitened?

No—dental bridges can’t be whitened as they’re stain-resistant. So while they’ll never become discolored due to beverages or food, they can never be whitened. Because they’re color-matched to your teeth for a flawless appearance, Dr. Steinbach recommends having your teeth whitened before a dental bridge placement.

Fill Your Smile at Elevate Dental Wellness

If you’re looking to fill the gaps in your smile Dr. Steinbach recommends dental bridges as a quick solution for missing teeth. In as little as two appointments, you can restore your smile to full glamour. If you’re ready for your complete smile or you’d like to know more about our dental bridges, call our Basalt office at (970) 279-5647 today.

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