Holiday Oral Health Reminders from Your Aspen Dental Clinic

Holiday Oral Health Reminders from Your Aspen Dental Clinic

The holidays are fast approaching and, while this is a fun and festive time of year, it can be hard on your teeth. The combination of an abundance of sweet treats (which create conditions in your mouth that promote tooth decay) and a busy schedule (which may cause you to skimp on your dental care) can lead to problems down the road. Below are some holiday oral health tips from our Aspen dental clinic.

Give Yourself the Gift of Good Oral Health

Use these strategies around the holidays (or any time) to keep your teeth bright and clean and your mouth healthy:

  • Be careful what you bite. Treats like hard candy and nuts can damage a tooth if you bite down on them wrong. Use caution, and enjoy the candy in moderation.
  • Use scissors, not your teeth. It’s convenient to use your teeth as a tool when wrapping or opening gifts. However, that strategy can come back to bite you if you damage a tooth or injure your lips, tongue, or gums.
  • Up your water intake. It’s always a good idea to drink plenty of water. Around the holidays it’s especially helpful as it rinses away sugar and can take up space in your stomach to help you resist overeating.
  • Opt for fruit. It’s natural for your sweet tooth to go into overdrive around the holidays. But, you can satisfy it with sweet foods that aren’t quite so full of sugar. A delicious piece of fruit is a great alternative to another cookie!
  • Get the nutritional benefits of veggies. When you skip the dessert table and head for the veggie tray, not only are you getting less sugar but the vitamin A in many vegetables helps strengthen your enamel.
  • Carol while you clean. Love a good holiday tune? At our Aspen dental clinic, we encourage you to hum one (or more!) songs while you brush to ensure you’re spending enough time on your oral care.

Happy Mouth, Happy Holidays!

Nobody wants to deal with oral health problems during (or after) the holidays. The tips above should help you steer clear of any issues this season. And, of course, the best gift you can give your mouth is regular trips to your Aspen dental clinic. To make an appointment with Dr. Steinbach or Dr. Van Gorden, please call 970-279-5647 or connect with us online at

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