How to Get Your Kids Excited About Going to the Dentist

How to Get Your Kids Excited About Going to the Dentist

While visiting the dentist is never going to rank up there with going to Disneyland on your child’s list of favorite things, it certainly doesn’t have to be an event that they dread or have anxiety about. In fact, if you frame it the right way, they can actually look forward to seeing their friendly dental team and receiving encouragement about their home care.

Tips for Putting a Dentist Office Visit in a Positive Light

Here are some ways you can ensure that your kids have a positive experience at the dentist:

  • Model the desired behavior. If you speak positively about your trip to the dentist and the way your mouth feels fresh and healthy after a cleaning, your kids will pick up on that and want to have the same experience.
  • Choose a kid-friendly dentist. Virtually any dentist will provide services for children. However, not all of them make it a point to engage children in a way that makes them feel welcomed and comfortable. Be sure to ask your dentist for their perspective on treating kids.
  • Listen to their concerns. Encourage your kids to share any fears or concerns they have about visiting the dentist. And in responding to them, don’t dismiss their comments, but instead provide encouragement about how the dentist is focused on making the visit as fast, efficient and pain free as possible.
  • Include them in some decisions. Something as simple as allowing a child to choose the day of the week for their appointment can give them a sense of involvement that helps minimize any anxiety.
  • Provide positive resources. There are many books, apps and other resources available that help kids understand dental procedures. The best resources are honest about what is involved. But, they present the information in a way that makes a visit sound fun and interesting.
  • Reward good behavior. Even a small gift or treat after a visit to the dentist can help put a positive spin on dental care.

Elevate Dental Wellness Loves Kids!

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