Our Customized, Natural-Like Restorations

Whether you need a full set of dentures to replace all of your teeth or a partial set to replace a few teeth, our team will help you find a restoration solution that you’ll love. We take the necessary time to ensure our patients receive personalized care with tooth replacement options that look and feel entirely natural.

Our Basalt dental team knows the importance of receiving a thought out, effective treatment for not only your oral care but also for your overall well-being. Dr. Van Gorden and Dr. Steinbach ensure to have a thorough initial consultation to understand your goals and learn about your individual case. Discover how our removable, natural-looking dentures can improve your smile and restore full function to eat and speak with no hesitation.

How Dentures Work

Drs. Steinbach and Van Gorden have selected dental laboratories that utilize materials that will not filtrate dangerous chemicals from the denture or partial into your mouth and body. We want our patients to receive safe and successful dental care through our holistic techniques and biological dentistry. See which of our denture restorations are best for you.

Complete Dentures: After you have lost most of your teeth or had remaining teeth extracted, “conventional” or “immediate” dentures may be used for your new set of natural-like teeth. Depending on when your teeth were removed, one of the two complete denture options will be based on the post-operation time frame.

Partial Dentures: A removable tooth replacement that generally is used when there are still one or more teeth remaining in the upper or lower jaw. In addition to its natural, attractive appearance, partial dentures can also help prevent face distortion from occurring as they act as replacement teeth to support your bone and tissue.

Ensuring Your Dentures Last Long

Keeping up with your oral hygiene is crucial, especially for those who have lost their teeth. When you suffer from tooth loss, the gaps where your teeth once sat now act as a “food trap.” It’s very easy for bacteria to build up, and furthermore increasing your risk for gum disease. Properly caring for your mouth and a new set of dentures can drastically enhance your oral health and ensure your new restorations last longer-- here’s how:

  1. Brush your dentures daily to remove all bacteria and plaque that may reside on them, as well as prevent them from discoloring.
  2. Dentures can break easily, so when cleaning them, be sure to hold them securely over a safe area where they won't snap in half.
  3. Keep your dentures from drying out by leaving them in cold water or a soaking solution overnight-- never use hot water because it can change their shape.
  4. Stimulate circulation in your gum tissues to remove plaque by brushing your gums, tongue, and palate every morning with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  5. Don’t adjust your dentures if they become loose because it can damage future repairs that you may need.
  6. If they break, chip, or crack, simply give us a call so we can set you up with a new set.

Let Your Smile Shine Today

Here at Elevate Dental Wellness, we want all our patients to feel comfortable and confident about the care they receive. Drs. Steinbach and Van Gorden implement their holistic treatment methods in order to provide all patients with genuine care and successful outcomes. Schedule your initial consultation today for your denture restoration and discover the benefits of this personalized solution.