Finding the Perfect Pediatric Dentist in Basalt, CO

The Importance of Your Child’s Oral Health

As your little boy or girl approaches their first birthday, it’s time to prepare for their very first dental appointment. At Elevate Dental Wellness, we want to ensure your child’s tooth development begins with proper oral care. As a parent, it’s important to know how to care for their teeth and gums without damaging or hurting them.

Drs. Van Gorden and Steinbach want to establish healthy oral hygiene habits for your kid at a young age to help prevent dental issues in their future. We want to make your child’s visit to the dentist as fun, positive, and comfortable as possible so they see brushing and flossing as an enjoyable activity in their daily routine.

Know How to Properly Care for Your Child’s Teeth

When you bring your kid in for their pediatric dental visit, we’ll explain the appropriate ways to help them take care of their smile. We also suggest that you, your partner, or an older child if you have one, brush and floss with your youngest.

Setting a good example by properly caring for your teeth will almost always encourage your kid to do the same. If they see someone doing something, they typically want to be just like that person and perform the same activity. Drs. Van Gorden and Steinbach have put together a guide to help you and your child care for their oral health the right way.

Brushing and Flossing Tips

To protect your little one’s smile from cavities or tooth decay, it’s best to begin brushing their teeth as soon as teeth come in and to start flossing when you see teeth are in contact with each other. Some helpful tips to know to ensure good oral hygiene include:

  • Use a pea-sized amount of ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste
  • Brush for up to two minutes
  • Be cautious your child doesn’t swallow toothpaste
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Brush the inner, outer, and chewing surfaces of each tooth
  • Encourage your child to stick their tongue out to brush it

Wiggly Teeth

Once your child’s baby teeth begin to fully grow in, typically around the age of six, his or her teeth will begin to loosen and fall out. They may be tempted to wiggle their tooth as they begin to notice it detach from their mouth, and that is totally all right.

As soon as their teeth begin falling out, it’s always a fun and exciting experience for them to put their tooth under their pillow at night and wait for the tooth fairy to come. You can think of a multitude of creative ideas to ensure their tooth loss experience is joyful.

The Rapid Effects of Sugars

We’re all aware of a kid’s daily desire for candy. Although a small candy is acceptable for your child to have every once in a while, it’s best to limit their sugar intake overall to help prevent cavities. Sugar-containing foods increase the risk of cavities, especially when it lingers in their mouth all day.

Bacteria that live on your youngster's teeth eat away at the sticky, glucose-filled foods left on their teeth which can result in lost tooth enamel. Maintaining a nutritional, well-balanced diet can greatly strengthen your child’s teeth which can help prevent tooth decay. Drs Van Gorden and Steinbach recommend you limit their snacking and increase their vitamin intake to avoid dental issues.

Gentle, Children’s Oral Care at Elevate Dental Wellness

Create a fun brushing and flossing experience for your child. Protect their oral health by visiting our pediatric dentists in Basalt, CO. If you ever have questions about your kid’s dental needs, give Elevate Dental Wellness a call at (970) 279-5647 or schedule an appointment today for their biannual dental cleaning and exam. Don’t wait-- your child’s oral health is important for their future.