iTero Scanner

The iTero scanner is a cutting-edge tool that allows us to capture highly accurate, 3D digital images of your teeth and gums. Unlike traditional dental impressions, which can be uncomfortable and messy, the iTero scanner offers a quick, clean, and precise alternative. This technology significantly improves diagnosing and planning treatments, ensuring that each patient receives the most effective care tailored to their needs.

The iTero scanner is particularly beneficial for procedures such as Invisalign, crowns, bridges, and other restorative treatments. By creating detailed digital impressions, we can ensure that dental appliances or restorations fit perfectly, leading to more comfortable and effective results. Additionally, the iTero scanner allows for real-time visualizations, enabling patients to see the potential outcomes of their treatments immediately. This interactive approach helps patients understand their treatment plans better and makes them active participants in their dental health journey.

iTero digital scanner

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