Tips for Minimizing Morning Breath from an Aspen Dental Clinic

Tips for Minimizing Morning Breath from an Aspen Dental Clinic

Everybody wakes up with morning breath to some degree. While you sleep, bacteria digest microscopic food particles in your mouth, producing chemical compounds that have a strong odor. This is what’s referred to as halitosis. It’s a normal condition, but if you want to greet your loved ones in the morning with fresher breath, take some advice from your Aspen dental clinic.

Ways to Beat Morning Breath

Here are five things you can do to minimize morning breath:

  1. Brush well prior to going to bed. The most important strategy for preventing morning breath is to brush and floss well at night, ideally just before you get into bed. Be sure to use your brush to clean your gums and tongue, too. If your tongue seems to be a trouble spot, there are specially designed tongue scrapers to help remove bacteria.
  2. Avoid eating smelly foods at night. Eating onions, garlic and other foods with strong odors at night will tend to create fairly intense morning breath. Avoid them if you want to wake with fresher breath.
  3. Stay hydrated. One of the biggest causes of bad breath in general and morning breath, in particular, is dry mouth. Saliva helps remove bacteria from your mouth. Being dehydrated makes it hard to produce the proper amount of saliva. Consequently, at our Aspen dental clinic, we encourage people to stay hydrated throughout the day and then drink a little water before bed. You’ll want to find the quantity that helps with morning breath but doesn’t result in too many bathroom trips. In addition, you might also keep a glass of water by your bed and take small sips overnight as needed.
  4. Avoid sleeping on your back. People who sleep on their back tend to end up mouth breathing, which dries out the mouth and throat. This leads to stronger morning breath. So, try sleeping on your side instead. There are sleeping devices that can keep you from rolling onto your back. Or, your bed partner can help you train yourself to stay on your side.
  5. Get regular cleanings and checkups. Visiting the dentist for a professional dental cleaning every six months helps minimize the accumulation of plaque, tartar, and bacteria in your mouth. Your dentist can also address any issues with your tongue, gums, and mouth tissues, which can contribute to morning breath.

Face the Morning with Fresher Breath

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