Tips for Keeping Your Teeth and Braces Clean from Your Carbondale Dentists

Tips for Keeping Your Teeth and Braces Clean from Your Carbondale Dentists

Your braces are designed to give you a well-aligned bite and a beautiful smile when your treatment is complete. In the meantime, however, those brackets, wires, and other appliances in our mouth can make it pretty challenging to keep your teeth clean. But if you use these tips from two experienced Carbondale dentists, you’ll find it is possible to maintain good oral hygiene.

Great Ways to Work Around Your Hardware

Keeping your teeth (and your braces) clean is important as you look ahead to your new smile. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Brushing. Electric toothbrushes work really well when it comes to removing food particles and plaque on, around, and behind your wires, brackets, etc. A manual toothbrush can do just as a good a job, however. The key is to brush at many different angles and in many different directions to ensure the bristles hit every surface of your teeth and your hardware. Using small circular motions is most effective and you want to be sure to give lots of attention to the area at your gumline.
  • Flossing. If brushing is more challenging with braces, flossing can be downright frustrating! But, while it takes more time and effort to floss using floss threaders or other aids, it’s important that you do it every day. Water flossers and interdental brushes are other ways to remove food particles between teeth and around or behind hardware.
  • Regular dentist visits. As long-time Carbondale dentists, we know that there is a temptation to cut back on dentist visits since you are seeing your orthodontist regularly. But, of course, these two practices are focused on different things. It’s important that you get regular cleanings in order to prevent potential problems like gingivitis, decay, and what are called white spot lesions, which develop when plaque accumulates around a bracket for long periods of time and begins to decalcify the tooth. Unfortunately, these stains can be permanent.

Providing You the Best Care for Your Teeth and Braces

Putting in the time and effort to keep your teeth and orthodontic hardware clean, and getting regular dental cleanings, can help ensure that you have a dazzling smile when your braces come off. To make an appointment with Carbondale dentists Dr. Steinbach or Dr. Van Gorden, call 970-279-5647 or connect with us through our site.

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