Who Can Benefit From Sedation Dentistry?

Have You Been Avoiding the Dentist?

Putting off going to the dentist can vastly affect your life. It can result in poor oral health which can quickly lead to tooth decay and tooth loss. This won’t only affect your smile, but it will also impede your overall health and well-being.

Whatever it may be that’s keeping you from seeing a dentist, becoming aware of the different ways that can help you get through an appointment can be extremely beneficial. Sedation dentistry is a favorable option for both dentists and patients as it helps dentists complete their necessary work with ease and calms patients throughout their treatment.

Sedation can be administered in various ways, making it safe and effective for almost any dental patient. You don’t need to continue to make excuses for not seeing a dentist. It’s easy to discuss your concerns with them in order to receive treatment in a more comfortable, convenient way.

Reasons Why Patients Need Sedation

There are many reasons why someone refrains from seeing the dentist. Whether you have a dental fear or need to undergo several treatments at once, sedation dentistry can help get you through it as it relaxes your nerves and puts you in a daze.

Explore the most common reasons why patients require sedation dentistry below.

Dental Phobia or Anxiety

Having a dental phobia can be caused by a variety of things and affects 9-20% of people. If the slightest thought of going to the dentist makes you tense up and feel anxious, then it’s likely you have a dental phobia.

Sometimes, someone will have to force you to go, even if it’s just for a simple checkup and teeth cleaning. You may have even experienced a bad dental procedure, which has led you to have such a big fear.

Fortunately, different types of sedatives can act as a relief for your anxiety and fear. Once they hit your body, you’ll feel stress-free and will be able to receive any necessary dental treatment.

Sensitive Mouth

Having a mouth that is more prone to senses can also be a reason why you don’t enjoy seeing a dentist. Tooth or gum sensitivity can lead to prolonged pain or discomfort after an appointment, which no one wants to endure. A bad gag reflex can also affect a dentist’s ability to work if you continue to choke and close your mouth.

Sedation dentistry can help diminish your feelings of sensitivity and help your mouth relax throughout the treatment so you won’t notice tools in your mouth and won’t gag as easily.

Several Treatments at Once or Complex Procedures

Patients who may need to receive multiple treatments at once or who are going to undergo a much more complicated surgery will greatly benefit from sedation dentistry. When there are multiple areas of the mouth that require work, the safest and most effective way to complete it is with the help of sedatives.

Difficulty Getting Numb

It’s common for some patients do not respond that well to numbing agents. Every patient is different and reacts to things differently. In many dental procedures, dentists use numbing agents to prevent pain or reduce the feeling of the site being worked on. If a patient still feels tools touching their surgical site as their dentist proceeds, then sedatives will be able to take away the pain and discomfort.

Benefit From Sedation Dentistry in Basalt, CO

Are you concerned with your oral health? Is it mainly because you haven’t received a professional dental exam in months or even years? If you’ve been avoiding the dentist for any reason, the best way to overcome it is by discussing sedation options with Drs. Van Gorden and Steinbach.

If you’re unsure where to find sedation dentistry in Basalt, CO, contact Elevate Dental Wellness today. Our certified dentists can safely administer sedatives and help you get through your treatment.