Ozone Therapy Used at Elevate Dental Wellness

What is Ozone?Ozone therapy

Many people relate the word “ozone” to the ozone layer that surrounds the Earth’s atmosphere, protecting it from the sun’s ultraviolet light that can be extremely harmful. People generally view it as a shield for the Earth, but thanks to many recent discoveries, ozone is recognized as a substantial tool for the medical community.

For over a decade, ozone therapy has been used in various ways to improve illness such as to treat disease, disinfect and kill off bacteria, and to help activate the immune system. After seeing powerful results from the use of ozone, researchers continued to uncover new methods of applying the gas to other medical circumstances.

Ozone Therapy: Changing the World of Medicine

Ozone therapy has become a modern method of treatment for various dental issues and procedures in the U.S. As dental treatments continue to advance through developing technologies and improving techniques, ozone therapy is now also becoming a preferred method of treatment for many dentists.

We are sharing with you all the various ways we have implemented ozone therapy within our unique, biological dental treatments. We offer effective techniques that include natural remedies, supplementation, biocompatibility testing, and safe mercury removal.

6 Reasons Why We Use Ozone

Kills bacteria, parasites, and fungi in your mouth.

Ozone disrupts the activations of these microbial factors that are often found in mouths with poor oral health. Ozone therapy has been an aid when stropping these viruses from progressing.

Helps prevent tooth decay and cavities.

When ozone is exposed to tooth decay and cavities, it reacts with an acid, which bacteria loves and lives in. This reaction balances the pH levels in the mouth and eliminates all bacteria as it changes the environment which causes decay and cavities.

Slows the progression of periodontal disease.

Gum disease can be harmful to your mouth if left untreated. Luckily, ozone therapy can target the infected pockets and reduce further symptoms from occurring before you seek complete treatment.

Disinfecting dental tools.

Ozone is highly effective when it comes to the removal of residue left on dental instruments. It decomposes rapidly and prevents any regrowth of microorganisms from happening.

Decreases pain from mouth ulcers.

As an extremely non-invasive treatment, ozone therapy has been found to help reduce pain for patients who have oral ulcers and can help heal their canker sores.

Reduces tooth sensitivity.

For those who have sensitive teeth due to exposed enamel, dentin, or root sensitivity, ozone therapy has been used to reduce the unwanted feeling.

Discover Ozone Therapy in the Roaring Fork Valley

Throughout their journey towards developing a practice that focuses on biological dentistry, Dr. Van Gorden and Dr. Steinbach, have incorporated ozone therapy in a variety of ways. It’s a special technique our practice has acquired in order to deliver non-intrusive, painless dental treatments for their patients.

With little to no discomfort or side effects, our patients have grown to love this unique method of care for their dental problems. Visit Elevate Dental Wellness in Basalt, CO or call to schedule an appointment today to discover the benefits of ozone therapy.