Our Environmental Choices

At Elevate Dental Wellness, we pride ourselves in our commitment to not only our community, but the larger world around us. We work to ensure that our practice is as green as possible. As part of this ongoing effort we:

  • Installed a Solmetex amalgam separator, designed to remove amalgam waste particles from dental office wastewater. Without the separator, dental mercury can be discharged in the public sewer system and pollute our environment.
  • Installed a Midmark PowerVac G3 dry vacuum. This environmentally friendly vacuum system not only consumes 83 percent less electricity, but also eliminates the use of a very precious resource: our water. Traditional wet-ring vacuums (with or without recycler) can use anywhere between 21,000 and 60,000 gallons of water per year!
  • Paired up with Earthpaste Toothpaste. This toothpaste contained only five, natural ingredients: purified water, Redmond Clay, real salt, xylitol, and essential oils. Unlike the aluminum-lined tubes of traditional toothpaste, Earthpaste’s tubes are recyclable curbside.
  • Committed to becoming as paperless as possible. We would appreciate your cooperation in helping us achieve this goal by filling out your forms electronically, allowing us to email your walk-out statements and receipts, and drawing our attention to any improvements we can make to work toward our goal of one day being 100 percent paperless.
  • Limited the amount of plastic and plastic waste used in our office. We will ask you to forgive us for not sending you home with a plastic "goody bag" asking you instead to use your bag or pockets! Also, we will not have a single serve coffee station or individual water bottles to offer. We will, however, happily refill your personal water bottle, or fill one of our biodegradable cups with some filtered water from our Berkey Water Filter System.