Glenwood Springs Dentist Says: New Year, New Commitment to Oral Care

Glenwood Springs Dentist Says: New Year, New Commitment to Oral Care

Some people truly enjoy every minute they spend on their oral care. However, at our Glenwood Springs dentist office, we understand that not everyone does. But, the truth is that it takes much less time than you would think to take great care of your teeth, tongue and gums, thereby ensuring they’ll be healthy throughout your life.

The Quick Math on Oral Care

When you’re busy (and who isn’t), the time required to brush, floss and visit your Glenwood Springs dentist can feel like a lot. But when you pause to do the math, you realize what a small fraction of your year is consumed by excellent oral care.

Let’s add it up, remembering that there are 525,600 minutes in a year:

  • Brushing. If you’re using good brushing technique, it should only take you two minutes, twice a day to keep your teeth clean and shiny. So, a total of four minutes per day times 365 days in a year equals 1,460 minutes per year.
  • Flossing. It’s great if you floss twice a day, but even flossing once each day (which is common) provides tremendous benefits. Like brushing, your flossing will probably take about two minutes. So, if you floss once a day, that’s 730 minutes per year.
  • Dentist cleanings. You should visit your Glenwood Springs dentist twice a year for a cleaning and check-up. At one hour per visit, that’s 120 minutes per year.

When you add that all up, you can help ensure great oral health in 2,310 minutes. That’s just 0.44 percent of your year! Now, if you skip brushing on occasion, infrequently or never floss, and fail to see your dentist regularly, you’ll surely save a few minutes. But when cavities, gum disease and other issues arise, those “saved” minutes will be consumed in a flash with corrective procedures and treatments.

But let’s keep it positive… The great clean feeling, bright smile and fresh breath that results from just a few focused minutes a day is very much worth the effort!

A Resolution That’s so Easy to Keep

As the New Year gets rolling, it’s the perfect time to commit to taking better care of your teeth and mouth. And great oral hygiene requires just a tiny fraction of your time each year! To make an appointment with Dr. Steinbach or Dr. Van Gorden in our Glenwood Springs dentist office, please call 970-279-5647 or connect with us online at

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