6 Ways a Night Guard Can Help with Bruxism

6 Ways a Night Guard Can Help with Bruxism

People with bruxism unconsciously clench their jaw and/or grind their teeth, often while they sleep. This force can produce a number of negative effects on the teeth, jaw and beyond. At our office, we tell our patients with bruxism that a night guard can help prevent those effects.

6 Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard

If you clench and grind in general, it’s likely that you really go to town while you sleep since your conscious mind is out of commission and can’t catch the fact that you are doing it. In that case, a night guard can be very helpful, delivering a number of benefits including:

  1. Prevention of tooth damage. Once a night guard has been custom-fitted for you and you begin wearing it, your teeth can no longer come together in a way that produces destructive pressure or friction. While you can easily and comfortably close your mouth, the barrier between your upper and lower teeth keeps you from damaging them.
  2. Reduction or prevention of headaches. The intense pressure created in your jaw by unaddressed clenching can produce what are called temporal headaches, which can be very painful. A night guard disperses the force of your clenching and can reduce or prevent these headaches.
  3. Less tension and jaw pain. Bruxism can also produce jaw pain. Wearing a night guard can reduce the tension and pain in your jaw joints.
  4. Better sleep. The fact that you are clenching and grinding, even though it may not wake you, can interfere with your sleep. A night guard can help with this issue.
  5. Reduced snoring. People who snore will often be told by their partners that the amount and intensity of their snoring is reduced when they wear their night guard.
  6. Long-term cost savings. A high-quality night guard is an investment that delivers both immediate damage and pain prevention benefits and long-term financial savings from the reduction of restorative work needed on your teeth.

Talk with Us About a Night Guard

Having a night guard made is fast and easy. If you or your partner think you may be suffering from bruxism, we can talk with you about whether a night guard is right for you. Call 970-279-5647 or connect with us online at elevatewillits.com.

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