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All Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

When teeth have become severely cracked, broken down, decayed or are discolored and not responding to whitening, dental crowns and bridges can be used to help restore their strength, size and appearance. Traditionally, crowns contain a metal core with a porcelain coating layered above it to imitate the appearance of a tooth. This type of crown can sometimes suffer from a dull lifeless appearance since the underlying metal does not transmit light through the crown. Using the latest dental technology available today, we can now fabricate full ceramic crowns without any metal core that provide a number of benefits over conventional metal based crowns.

By removing the metal base, all ceramic crowns have created a new standard in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. The advantage of all ceramic crowns over traditional metal based crowns is their ability to permit better light transmission through the body of the tooth, creating a completely natural appearance. As an added benefit, because there is no metal substructure present, the concern over seeing the common black line by the gums associated with traditional crowns is also eliminated.

Drs. Van Gorden and Steinbach use the highest quality dental laboratories to create the metal free restorations that will meet your, and our esthetic and functional demands.